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Commercial Soccer Rules:

The FIFA rules shall apply except when superseded by any of the following rules.

Each team nomination form must be accompanied by $250.00 for the first 25 players.  For each player in excess of 25 an additional registration fee of $10.00 will apply, to be paid before the player's third match.

Matches are to be played at 9.30 am on Sunday mornings, fields as arranged.  Friday night Soccer matches are to commence at 7.30 PM (6.30/8.30 depending on draw).  Any team with less than seven (7) players shall forfeit the game.

Points shall be awarded for the regular competition as follows: -
3 for a win (win on a forfeit)
1 for a draw
0 for a loss
-3 Points and -3 goals for a loss on forfeit

A win forfeit will be awarded three (3) goals for the purpose of calculating goal difference.

Regular competition matches and knockout cup matches shall be 45 minutes each way with 10 minutes break at half time.  No extra time shall be played in the event of a drawn match, except for cup matches and finals.  In cup and final matches the sudden death formula shall apply.  That is the first team to score is declared the winner, if no score at the end of 10 minutes each way a penalty shoot out will follow.  Rules as per F.I.F.A.

No more than fifteen (15) players shall appear on the team sheet and play for any team in any match. Players may be substituted as desired, and INTERCHANGE will be allowed.  This is to be conducted at the half way line when the ball is dead and under the referee's direction.  A player sent off by the Referee cannot be replaced by a substitute.

Any player sent off while playing for a team in any Commercial Soccer game will be automatically suspended up to the next fixture or cup match for that team unless otherwise advised.  The penalty for playing a player under suspension, in any team, being forfeiture of the match.  If any further subsequent abuses, the team could be withdrawn from the competition.  Players sent off may be required to appear before the Disciplinary Committee.

The receiving of 4 yellow cards is an automatic one-week suspension. 8 yellow cards are an automatic two weeks suspension and you may also face the disciplinary committee.

Any suspensions imposed by the A.S.F. and its affiliates shall apply to the Commercial Soccer.  A $100 appeal fee, refundable must accompany applications for appeal against any suspension/decision if appeal is successful. (This applies to ALL suspensions).

Any player in a (A.S.F.) division semi-professional or higher including reserve and youth grades shall be ineligible to play Commercial Soccer.  Penalty will be loss on forfeit for all games up to and including the offending match.

Players appearing on ANY retained or open to transfer list shall be ineligible to play Commercial Soccer.

Penalty for breach of the above rules will be automatic loss of points up to and including offending match.

For semi-final and final matches and cup finals only persons who have played in FIVE (5) previous matches (for your team only) during the season may compete.


Official Referees shall be appointed for all games.  In the event of an official Referee being unavailable, the home team shall supply the Referee provided both teams agree.  Referees so appointed shall be deemed official.  Both teams shall share referee's fees. In other cases teams may mutually agree to pay a non-official Referee.  Official Referee MUST is paid prior to the start of the game. ($45)

In cases of non-attendance, the attending team will pay the Referee the ($45) fee and Commercial Soccer will reimburse upon receipt of team sheets. Commercial Soccer will then obtain the full fee from the offending team.

In cases of both teams having the same colors, the AWAY team changes.


Team sheets are to be provided by the home team.  The home team is to complete details of surname, initials and jersey number of every player in NEAT PRINT together WITH THE SIGNATURE of every player.  They are then to give the same team sheet to the away team to be completed in the same manner.

Team managers have the right to request the identification of any player on the team sheet.  Acceptable identification is any of the following: Passport, Entry Visa, Credit Card, cards from a bank of financial institution with a visible signature, student ID card, ID card from the government or semi-government instrumentality, current drivers license or learners permit.  No other forms of identification are acceptable.

All players' names that are expected to play in that game must be written on the teamsheet prior to kick-off, including those who are expected to arrive later.

A team manager can request any player, whose name appears on the team sheet, to sign again in their presence.

Failure to provide identification will mean that player is unable to play.  Failure to sign a second time on the request will mean that player is also unable to play. If a team does play an unidentified player, or a player who does not sign on request, the team will automatically lose the match on forfeit.

Managers are then both required to sign the team sheet.  The completed team sheet will then be given to the Referee no less than ten minutes before kick-off.  The Referee is to complete details on the team sheet.

Details of send-off, bookings and substitutions are to be recorded by the Referee.  The Referee may also record any comments he may feel necessary on the reverse and sign.

All teams are responsible for phoning/e-mail the result of their game played in that round by 6 PM on the Monday following that weekend. The team sheets are to be retained by the referees to be forwarded to divisional coordinators Failure to phone in the scores will result in the offending team being fined $10 for each occurrence, unless a satisfactory reason can be provided.

Players arriving after kick-off will also be required to sign the team sheet and be identified as per above, before entering the field.  The Referee will add time on for any late signings.

Remember the home team is responsible for the following: -
Arranging the field and ensuring it is PROPERLY MARIKED including nets and comer flags
Supplying the ball.
Ensuring payment of official Referee
Providing the team sheet.
Arranging a referee, if the coordinator does not appoint one. (Phone to confirm)

Failure to comply with any of the above rules will result in a loss on forfeit unless otherwise stipulated.  Poor treatment of Referees will result with the Club being dealt with by Commercial Soccer.

Submission of incorrect results will result in forfeiture of points for the game.

This competition is strictly amateur and all persons participating do so at their own risk Commercial Soccer take no responsibility for injury incurred whilst competing in this competition, nor for damage to property belonging to participants or spectators before, during or after any Commercial Soccer game.  Managers are responsible for informing their players that they are not covered by any compensation or insurance in this competition.